Loving Jesus and Mary with Heart and Mind

This image below is extremely fitting, appropriate and sums up so well two things:

1.) Charity is fulfillment of the Law.

2.) We are called to adore God with our hearts and our minds.

On the last podcast interview with David (the third and final episode was perhaps my favorite) I was asked about the second half of the book possibly causing discomfort because most Catholics today are essentially walking around “shell-shocked- to use his precise words- and merely do not say what they are really thinking because they do not want to offend another Catholic. Folks, we simply cannot live like this. Do you really believe in John 6, when Our Lord said if we did not eat His flesh and drink His blood, we would not have life in us that He was thinking to Himself: “wait, if I do not tell this crowd that I am only speaking figuratively and not literally, I might offend them and lose half My followers?” Nope. He was not thinking this because as Our Lord said He came precisely to do the will of the Father, which was the only One He did not want to offend. He did in fact lose many followers that day, because “who can believe this? Who can understand this?” Half of the world today still do not accept this teaching as the Eucharist is not consumed by all. Even the words during the Consecration, Our Lord does not say “for all” but ” for MANY”. This is not Our Lord excluding souls, but rather, souls are excluding HIM.

We must stop walking around afraid of what other Catholics will think of us, if we are pleasing Jesus and Mary and doing the will of God the Father, does it really matter what the rest of the flock think? As I said in the podcast, the second section was extremely difficult to write because it is not just posting some blog post for a few email subscribers but a book for the world to read. Did I have thoughts of fear, humiliation, rejection and fear of being misunderstood even by HOLY Catholics? You bet I did; there were some nights I was tormented, but as I said in the last episode: were the Apostles embraced for defending the teachings of Our Lord? No. They were martyred. If we as Catholics cannot simply sit down and have a mature, honest and open conversations (even healthy debates) about the current crisis in the Church, the state of the Papacy and the fullness of the Fatima message than we are no friends of Our Lord. And as David said: In a sense…OUR LORD HAS BEEN CANCELLED

SIDENOTE: David said: “Of course Our Lord could never be cancelled and if He was then He permitted it, which is why the qualifier, (in a sense) which is what I said in the podcast, lets people understand that it is a possibility of how it could be interpreted rather than it coming as a factual statement, Our Lord was cancelled”.

This is utterly atrocious. Take it from me, I know the fear of losing esteem from Catholics we love, but at the end of this life we will not be facing them, but Our Lord. I would rather know that I died for the truth than accept compromise and heresy in order to maintain a favorable view in the site of men. What are they to my Creator?

I called the first half of the book “charity” and the second half (with the First Saturday meditations) “the Law” because the two go hand in hand; the faithful in fact DO need to be re-catechized. We can only love Mary and Her Son when we come to know Their Laws, Their Commandments and the things that have been around since the founding of the Catholic Church. Why? Because Our Lord’s Church has been tempered with and we must cling, cling, cling, CLING to tradition. We do not look forward; we look backward to the foundation of it all! It is up to us to cling to Mary with the heart and seek out the truth with our minds. Is not knowledge a gift and fruit of the Holy Ghost?