Father Shared with Me an Incredible Story

I meant to share this short story on this site the day I heard it, but many things got in the way and here we are a few weeks later, and now is the time to finally do so! Before Mass one of the Fathers shared with me a powerful and profound story about a Jewish man converting to Catholicism and why. This Jewish man became friends with a Catholic bishop and after spending much time with the shepherd, he wanted to become Catholic. The bishop was all set to first make his annual trip to the Vatican when the Jewish man insisted on going with him on the voyage.

The bishop was adamant: “no… this is the last thing I would want you to do, to see all the corruption in the Vatican, bad priests and bishops because then you will certainly NOT want to become Catholic”. But the Jewish man was adamant himself and insisted on accompanying the bishop to Rome, nonetheless. The Jewish man did indeed see all the corruption (money laundering etc.) and when the trip was over and he and bishop made it back home, the bishop finally asked: “So, do you STILL want to become Catholic?” and the answer from the Jewish man was quite surprising:

“Even more so than before do I want to become Catholic, because for an institution to be so corrupt and still exist after all this time is proof that it’s Divine”.

Need I say more? Satan only attacks what is holy and of God; with all due respect to those who despise the Catholic Church but last I checked Lucifer is not attacking Protestants, Mormons or Muslims, but seeking to destroy the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church from within by attacking its members and making sure that the rest of the world “thinks” the Church is evil. Father also reminded me that the Church itself is perfect, yet Our Lord allows it to be run by the imperfect. I sincerely hope that Mel Gibson, in The Resurrection film, centers it on Our Lord teaching the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the apostles, Peter’s papacy and the birth of the Church founded by none other than Christ the King.

Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus!