Why It’s So Hard To Talk About Pope Benedict

I have had multiple people reach out and tell me that after seeing the Canon Laws broken (Laws: 188, 332, 332.1 332.2, 131.1 and 751 according to the 1983 code- these are a LOT of broken Laws) that there is nothing to do but proclaim Pope Benedict XVI is the ONLY reigning Pope since April 19th, 2005 and reject the Bergoglian fake papacy. Again, coming to this realization of Ratzinger totally debunks the ridiculous “sedevacantist” theory; I mean get with the program you uneducated antagonists! Not YOU personally, but you know, those who willingly have their heads in the sand.

I have noticed for quite some time, even before Vigano announced his true perspective on the current state of the Papacy, that in his letters or interviews he does NOT call Bergoglio “Pope Francis” or “Francis” even, no; he says “Bergoglio”. “What’s in a name” says Shakespear? In our case of the Papacy, everything. Because, since Bergoglio’s “Papacy” from the beginning has been a total hoax, faux and farce (I need a lot of adjectives to describe “Bergoglio the pretender” as Vigano calls him- brilliant expression by the way- have I failed to mention that Vigano should be the next Pope after Benedict?) than the name “Francis” also is null and void; it simply does not exist. It never has. Jorge never even changed his name on his passport, the fraud. This is why I must reiterate once more the words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano when he said that Benedict has in a sense prepared the Church for the “Catholic reset”. when he said this in his latest interview.

The only reason that Bergoglio has been allowed, not willed, by God to make the people THINK he is the one occupying the Chair of Peter is to fulfill the scriptures in the Book of the Apocalypse. That last Book is not something that might happen, it HAS to happen, and… it is happening. This is what Our Lord had to say about fulfilling the prophecies:

For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5:18

I have no idea if that recent account of a cloistered nun seeing John Paul II and how he barely escaped hell, proclaimed Benedict is the Holy Father, is authentic or not. However, when reading one of those supposed replies from JP2 when asked “why is this happening?” (with the state of the Papacy) his answer was “to fulfill the scriptures”. Even if that apparition were false and never happened, we already know that Pope Benedict is the Pope because “by the Law itself”, we know this. Not because the college of Cardinals say so- the Law itself. AND, those words of Our Lord in “not one jot” shall pass till all be fulfilled. Unfortunately, I believe many people do not want to believe any such apparition, true or not, because they simply do not want to believe Our Lord would allow this to happen to the Papacy. But also this: Stockholm Syndrome with Bergoglio. Period. End of Story.

Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism to a captive or abusive situation. People develop positive feelings toward their captors or abusers over time.

THAT right there is un-redemptive suffering; do not play into Satan’s game with embracing Bergoglio as the Pope. Over-time you will not only lose your faith all together but will be wounded beyond repair. Of course, there is no wound that cannot be cured by Our Great God but why continue to let yourself be abused when Our Lord Himself is trying to remove the scales from your eyes with seeing the current state of the Papacy for what it is?

In the beginning when I mentioned how I have received messages from people completely believing that Benedict holds the keys have also confided: “I am scared” or “what do I do?” Some are also entering religious orders and the sisters are commemorating Bergoglio the pretender during the preces. These are indeed very troubling times because people who know this truth about Benedict think they are alone in their way of thinking, especially when the priests (of all people) continue to commemorate Bergoglio at the Te Igitur. Some have asked, “how can I tell someone in a short sentence that Benedict is still the Pope?” Easy, we say: “Canon Law says that in order to resign the Papacy one must resign the Munus”. Benedict said, “I am not resigning the Munus”. But I also took it one step further and had these little cheat sheet cards made with links, the exact Laws broken and other resources for people to study so that they can be enlightened and in turn, enlighten other Catholics (See Photo below):

Proclaiming the truth about Benedict is uncomfortable and scary. I am the first to admit that; I have no problem talking about rejecting Vatican II, embracing ONLY the Latin Mass and my support of Donald Trump but discussing the current state of the Papacy is just downright cringeworthy. Writing this is cringeworthy. But Our Lady needs souls who are courageous, not clever, courageous. Mary’s Heart cannot, and will not, triumph without the Papacy restored and a Papacy united to like-minded bishops. The consecration of Russia IS the triumph of the Immaculate Heart which is why Satan is attacking the Petrine See. 

Marcel Lefebvre said, “obedience to sin is NOT Catholic, and it never has been Catholic”. I know this is hard, but trust me when I say, the free mason handbook states: “all the reforms will have to be brought about through obedience” because Satan knows that innocent and pure souls will fall for that notion and misunderstand what it really means to be obedient. If Marcel did not “disobey” the evil men in the Vatican with Vatican II and the New Mass, we would not have the Latin Mass today. By being “obedient” to saying Bergoglio’s name in place of Benedict, you are being disobedient to God “by the Law itself” because it is denying the Divinity of Christ to say the wrong name at the Te Igitur or to not care and say two names. “Meditate day and night on the Law of the Lord” and you will know what not to be obedient to. Take courage, Our Lady is Our Queen of Light and that light is at this very moment exposing the lies and keeping Her children on the path, though narrow, that leads to Life. If that path also leads to our red martyrdom, what a blessing- sign us up!