Pray For a Mother of 8 Children, Near Death!

I have never met this family, but I received an email from the priest from the parish I attend, and the story was heart-breaking:

“Our dear sister, Monica, a mother of 8 young children, was seriously injured in a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver Saturday, May 7th, the evening before Mother’s Day. She sustained multiple life-threatening injuries when the engine crushed her, including broken legs and pelvis, punctured lung, multiple lacerated organs, dislocated joints, and required numerous stitches from head to toe.

Monica underwent emergency surgery on Monday, May 9th but her condition remains critical and she faces a months-long road to recovery. We have learned that the driver was uninsured which places additional strain on her husband Rob and their family, as her medical expenses will reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We anticipate they will face many expenses due to this unexpected tragedy. Please help if you can.

Please pray for Monica, Rob and their family and for the Lichter and Federspiel families during the long road to recovery.”

When I first checked out their GoFundMe page, they were at around 4,500; NOW THEY ARE AT 31,000. Every bit helps and if you are interested in donating to their cause I am sure Our Lady will reward you one-hundred-fold.