My Old College Parish in Colorado Vandalized

“My body my choice” is a direct mockery of the Holy Eucharist. How? Our Lord, contrary to that former selfish slogan says, “this is My Body” which Our Lord sacrifices for the salvation of souls. It is utterly and completely selfless. Over the weekend I heard the Pro-Death group say the most horrific blasphemy about God the Father: “If God killed His own Son, why can’t I kill mine?” Then there was a woman who proceeded to undress in front of a Catholic Church as she demonstrated killing a fake baby doll. One woman on the side of the liberal and woke news said this about the leaker of Roe vs. Wade:

“Whoever that leaker is, I would make sweet love to them. And if I got pregnant, I would gladly abort my fetus”.

Remember, they never say “baby”. These people are only proving to me three things: they are unhinged, unhappy and unreasonable. Another group was singing songs that said, “thank God for abortion”. Thank God? And to completely back up my claim that “my body my choice” is a complete defamation of the Sacred Host, is how the Pro-Death group made death threats to Our Lord of “we will burn the Eucharist”. This is a war on the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world by His most Precious Blood.

When a family member of mine heard that my college parish in Fort Collins, Colorado was vandalized, this is what he had to say about the vandalizers:

“No respect! God has given the gift of participating in creating life and their response is “I’ll do it by myself, I don’t have to submit to any authority.” Is there any wonder they feel their life is meaningless?  Let’s vandalize a Church because their truth makes me feel guilty.  Bless those who revile you.  Only the love of God can change their hearts, meanwhile they will act out in darkness. Gutless.”

“Is there any wonder their life is meaningless?” Look at what The Book of Destiny says in the below picture (if you cannot see it, click the title of this blog if you are an email subscriber to be taken directly to our site) about that empty void felt in man since the fall:

That void can only be filled with God Himself. Without Him, our True Life, our life is meaningless. Those on the side of the Pro-Death group are seeking to fill that empty space by centering their affections on the idols such as “Black Lives Matter”, LGBTQ rights and women’s right to “choose”. Those groups go hand in hand. By doing this with a large crowd of others who appear to feel the same way, they believe they really belong to something, and that void is seemingly being filled through joining the bandwagon of death. However, there is a lot of gray area in their seeking to protect women’s rights and “my body my choice”; when you approach them and use their own arguments against them, they go bonkers. They are being spoon fed these slogans and believe they must be right, because… you know… “everyone else is doing it”.

For example, “my body my choice” only applies to murdering children and not to the right of denying the vaccine. When they say they support the woman’s right to choose, well what about the possible FEMALE baby in her womb, right? How did we get here? Easy. We simply lowered the value of human life (it’s not a baby, but a “fetus”) and that can really only be done by removing God from society. Without Our Lord, Who, desires us to be “perfect”, we do the opposite. We become in-perfect.

This officially began with the feminist hippy sexual revolution in the disgusting era of the 60s (what didn’t go wrong in that era?) where women, who are precious and should be seen as subjects, are now objects. Couples living together outside of wedlock, using contraception and then later choosing to finally get married with the intention of doing anything but having children; or if they do have children they say, “I am only having two” and then have their tubes tied. The whole point of the Sacrament of Marriage, whether people want to hear it or not, is to “be fruitful and multiply”. The exact opposite is happening: “be unfruitful and eliminate”.

Can these people on the side of death ever NOT have green or pink hair by the way? Every Saturday, when I lived in Fort Collins and attended Colorado State, The Students for Life group would pray in front of Planned Parenthood peacefully. There was one memorable weekend when a group of Pro-Deathers came out wearing immodest clothing, at least one had pink or green hair (of course) and they carried with them a naked mannequin that was spraypainted with “my body my choice” as they proceeded to face the street and dance to Katy Perry music.

To the average person, with any sense, we should think: “what is wrong with these people?” but of course the large percentage of passerbyers applauded the unhinged women with their naked mannequin, as they shouted to us: “get a life!”. I once shouted back, “that’s what we are trying to do”. Many of their slogans are pretty laughable because they clearly have not been thought through. Many of us from The Students for Life tried to approach the dancing women to have a civilized conversation with them, and you know what they did?

They acted like we did not exist and then finally said, “we are not ready to talk”. “But you are ready to stand out here with a naked mannequin and dance on the street?” This only proves one thing: they are not totally sure how to back up their argument with any logic. Because at the end of the day, who can really say murdering human life is plausible and win the argument? As my family member said, “their truth makes me feel guilty”. Let’s face it, it would be really easy to be on the side of Pro-Death because rarely, if at all, are they treated the way those on the side of the Pro-Life are treated: with hate, vandalism, abuse and violence. Then there’s burning down buildings, of course because that really proves their point! Unfortunately, the Pro-Deathers, and the left, preach love and practice hate.

I admit, it is scary being on the side of the lone wolf, but this is where we must become saints and stand firm in our belief that God is on our side.

In conclusion, The Book of Destiny made a remarkable prediction and foreshadowment about the “land of the eagle” (America) destined to shelter the Catholic Church for those 1,260 days after a Pope is martyred (Pope Benedict XVI is the probable Holy Father to suffer this) and the Eternal City destroyed. Look what Father Bernard Kramer (not Father Paul Kramer) says about those from within America:

” All evil organizations in that country will aid him (the beast) in his vile campaign. Some martyrs may be made [may we be blessed with so great a gift; to shed our blood for the Immaculate Heart of Mary] by the fury of the ignorant, the prejudiced and the criminally inclined. The Government of the Great Eagle will guard and protect the Cardinals. The officials knowing the slanders to be only stock in trade of the enemy will give no heed to them. The people fairmindedly will likewise sympathize with the persecuted. The great nation may also fear agents of the dragon, for after delivering the other countries into his hands, they might stir up a revolution by the aid of lawless mobs to overthrow the Government.”

“Lawless mobs”… does that sound familiar? Pro-Deathers seeking to intimidate, through fear tactics, Justices into keeping abortion legal is certainly part of that attempt to overthrow the Government. And those same people are on the side of the lawless mobs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. “Only God can change their hearts” is right. What do we do in all of this you may ask? Pray your rosary, do your First Saturday Devotion and love the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lord desires this. Do not fall into fear; keep doing your daily duties for your state in life and perform those duties with zeal.

Pray with fervor amidst adversity and practice the presence of Jesus and Mary in all things. With this, we will have the grace to resist the beast and his minions and become great saints for God our Father! Many do not like speaking about death, but faithful Catholics should welcome it daily and anticipate our own individual death. Every moment leads us closer, little by little, to that faithful day of our souls leaving our bodies. Death is really life and if we do not establish roots in this world, we will welcome death, even embrace it, because it means we are keeping our eyes fixed on our heavenly home. May we pray for a holy life and a holy death, because:

“Precious in the site of the Lord is the death of His saints”.

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