Part One and Part Two Videos You Can’t Miss!

You know how we often hear that “Catholic converts are stronger and better than most cradle Catholics”? This statement is 100% true. One of the things I admire most about Ann Barnhardt is how she converted to the Catholic faith fifteen years ago and she is more educated, zealous and fervent in her faith, than those who have been Catholic all their life. She expressed how the two biggest concerns protestants have with converting to Catholicism is:

1.) The Blessed Virgin Mary

2.) The Papacy

She shared a chilling account about how she was there the day Jorge Bergoglio walked out on the terrace… and something was very off about his presence. It is amazing how Our Lord and Our Lady use the least likely candidates to spread Their message. Why is this stuff being left to the laity to preach? I am pleading with readers on here to watch these two vides of Ann’s on Pope Benedict XVI and ask Our Lady to clear any doubts you may have in your mind about Joseph Ratzinger.

You might all roll your eyes and think “great, another blog post about Pope Benedict being the Pope”, hate me or even never want to follow me again but when the day comes for all of this to be exposed in the light, and it will be, I will not be waiting for you to say, “Mary’s Secretary was right all along”; nay, I will rejoice and you will be deeply grateful that God the Father was the One opening your heart and prodding you down the right path all this time. In honor of Mary’s Saturday, I hope you pull up a chair and let Ann answer your questions. Please do not be like the Democrats, who, only share their side of the argument and never let the other side speak. You owe your full and undivided attention to Our Lady… this stuff is in the Third (sequestered) Secret of Fatima.

Part One:

Part Two:

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