I Demand Justice for Father James Jackson!

That’s right- demand it. I have always – and always will- believed in Father Jackson’s innocence, and I find it incredibly sad and downright sinful that his own brothers and superiors from the Fraternity of Saint Peter, out of fear rather than charity, will not stand by and protect him. It is no longer “innocent until proven guilty” it’s “we are sorry” (to the public). You’re sorry? This just sounds like they are assuming Father “must be guilty”. I can bet you that if Father took a lie detector test, he would pass with flying colors. Here is more “unholy” silence from the FSSP. If these men, priests, will not imitate Saint Joseph and be the protectors they are called to be, then I will continue fighting for Father Jackson, because he needs to know he is not alone, and that we BELIEVE in his innocence.

Why are his own brothers such cowards? What a shame. I am disgusted at these “men” who are acting like anything BUT what a real man should be. Again, why is courage falling to the laity rather than the hierarchy? I was completely struck when I heard this part of the video, I posted the other day; click minute 50:27 of the video where Ann speaks about what happens to innocent priests. I found it rather interesting that Father Jackson called out the real pervert in the Vatican, Cardinal McCormick, and then immediately Jackson was “sought out by the wolves” for revenge:

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