Our Benedict Book Set to Publish Tomorrow!

A most blessed vigil of Peter and Paul!

Our book “Rome’s” Final Pope? is all set to be published through Amazon Kindle, paperback and hardcover tomorrow!

Ron really did an exquisite job with the cover of this book (see image below); I had an image in my mind but completely lacked the ability to bring it to life myself. My sweet Grammie had the brilliant idea of having the silhouette of Benedict dressed in white, turned to the side, while the main image of the young Joseph Ratzinger was taken when he was ordained a priest, on none other than June 29th, tomorrow’s feast of Saint Peter and Paul. And how fitting, I chose the feast of the Prince of the Apostles to publish this work because it is the very rock of Peter and the Pillars of Holy Mother Church being attacked.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the second to last chapter, because I was tying in the mission of Elijah and Henoch, destined to return for the 1,260 predicted in Saint John’s Book of the Apocalypse. And when I read Father Leonard’s description, author of The Book of Destiny, about these Two Mighty Witnesses, I caught myself not being able to hold back tears at their mission and their fearlessness. In short, they are real men who will defend God and His Church from the rooftops! There is too much effeminacy today and we need real Fathers. May these Prophets give today’s priests especially the zeal they need to preach this topic from the pulpit and not be afraid of the consequences. Where is our hunger and thirst for righteousness and martyrdom for Jesus and Mary that the early prophets used to have?

Here is the image on the back of the book that I providentially found, edited and designed further. I have always loved this scene of Peter fleeing and Our Lord telling him to go back to Rome to be crucified. This message is so symbolic for Pope Benedict XVI, who, needs to tend his flock with the GOVERNANCE of the Church; even if it gets him crucified, at least he died trying to feed the sheep… even trying to feed them last minute. Our Lord loves the prodigal son, and I would like to see Benedict return to life, again.

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