“Rome’s” Final Pope? Benedict XVI Available: Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle Edition


Can you tell how excited I am over Peter and Paul? I LOVE Peter and Paul. That is why there was no more fitting day to publish this book in their honor ALL for the honor and glory of the Sweet Lamb and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am so grateful to our launch team: Susan, Scott, Jim, Evelyn, Ron, David and Rima, Olivia, Rose and Michael (I sincerely hope I am not forgetting anyone). See preview below and click link for hardcover, paperback or kindle, through Amazon!


Read through Mary’s Secretary Audio:

This book felt even more urgent then the last! I could feel Our Lady’s fire as I typed. This book was all Her, because She showed me how the papacy is linked to the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. If you do not care about the rock of Peter, you are turning your back on the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Canon Law 751 says that the standard of schism is the papacy. Got that? The papacy. That is why Satan, through Free Masons, since 1717 has sought to destroy the seat of Peter because he knows it is the standard of schism. Peter is the VISIBLE sign of the Church. I hate to say it, but Lucifer isn’t an idiot; once the highest angel (which also means intelligence, high IQ and intellect), he has fooled most of the elect into following his puppet Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who, is leading the flock into the counterfeit church. Look what Saint Andrew’s 1950s Missal says about the Rock of Peter:

Saint Peter, bishop of Rome, is the vicar, that is to say the visible representative of Christ. The Jews rejected Jesus. They also reject His successor [THIS was how they schismed]. Displacing the religious center of the world, Saint Peter then LEFT Jerusalem for Rome which became the eternal city and seat of the popes.

The Book of the Apocalypse says in order for “The New Jerusalem” to be built (the glorious new title of the Church after the city of seven hills is destroyed: Rome) the Church will “flee to the wilderness” where the Church’s (temporary or permanent) headquarters will be in the “land of the Great Eagle” (most likely America, as Our Lady of the Roses spoke about the symbolism of the eagle to Veronica). Just as Peter was forced to flee Jerusalem, the Church will be forced to flee from Rome. Do you understand how this ties in with Pope Benedict, yet?

If he is “Rome’s” final pope and the standard of schism is the papacy, “the rock”, then wherever the Church goes, Peter will be there, too. The Old Covenant was known as “the chair of Moses”, but the new is “the chair of Peter” and so, we HAVE to care about who the pope is. In this moment, if we are not behind Benedict 100%, not partially, but 100% all the way up until his death, is it safe to assume, per canon 751, that schism is happening right now all around us?

And being allowed to happen by faithful Catholics who weep and gnash with their teeth saying, “Bergoglio is pope, Bergoglio is pope!” Bergoglio actually said out loud that he would go down in history as the one who schismed the Church. Funny, because validly elected popes can’t schism from themselves, because they ARE the standard of schism. And since Bergoglio is a bishop dressed in white, we can shrug our shoulders because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but we must pray and fast for the souls who believe he is a sheep in wolve’s clothing. See what I did there?

Defending Our Lord’s Doctrine earned all the apostles the palm of red martyrdom. Though John did not succumb to the boiling oil, he still bears that glorious title, nonetheless. Notice how the souls who have desperately tried to remove God from society seek transhumanism, longevity of life and the “perfect race”. It is these very same lost sheep, for sheep they still are, who desire this “immortality” because they secretly fear death. Yes. Death is a weakness for them. But death for the martyrs of Jesus and Mary is not only a gift from the Lamb, but it is the STRENGTH of the just. For to us, death is Life!

Take a moment to read how each of Our Lord’s apostles died and if this does not reinforce to each and every one of us, that we have not suffered one JOT in comparison to our great Fathers of old, then I do not know what else would prove you otherwise (see image below).

The people who are on the pro-abortion side are fighting harder for their “sacraments” of evil and defending their sin WAY more than we have fought for Our Lady, the Papacy and Our Lord’s Mass. Do not get me wrong; I think we hear a lot of “talk” of desiring to shed our blood for Christ, but the moment we are met with the smallest splinter of confrontation with other Catholics, we have this terrible new habit that formed since Vatican II, and you know what that is? Unholy silence. I said it in our last podcast, and I will say it again: if you can’t even defend Our Lord through words, how will you later be able to shed your blood? We must begin by dying each day. And as C.S. Lewis said:

How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been: how gloriously different are the saints. BUT THERE MUST BE A REAL GIVING UP OF THE SELF

That last line is almost always cut out… yet… it is the most crucial, because we CAN’T become saints without daily death to self. And as I said before, a real giving up of self requires courage on our part, a Joan of Arc type courage. I pray that when Elijah and Henoch return for those 1,260 days, they will help the sheep rid themselves of the effeminacy that is indeed in the air. I MARVELLED at reading Ann Barnhardt’s story, who was friends with Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara, and she relayed how one day Ferrara had the guts to come up to her while she was talking to Matt and say,

“Look. We all think that you are probably right about Bergoglio, but who are you to be proclaiming it?” You know what her powerful answer was? “Who do I have to be?”

Can you imagine Elijah and Henoch seeing a man pretending to be Peter (Bergoglio), squatting on the Chair of Peter, whispering amongst themselves, “but who are we to be proclaiming that man isn’t Peter?” THEY WOULD NEVER SAY SUCH AN ATROCIOUS THING. THEY WOULD EXPOSE THE LIES IN PUBLIC! FROM THE ROOF! Did you know Bernard of Clairvaux SINGLE HANDEDLY removed an antipope from the throne of Peter in his time? Bernard was an ardent lover of Our Lady and a doctor of our beloved Church.

Did you also know that Saint Catherine of Siena was behind the REAL Pope, got him to return to Rome, all the while Saint Vincent of Ferrer was commemorating an antipope at the Te Igitur of the Mass during that very same time? When Vincent realized his error, he had no problem switching to commemorating the RIGHT pope. Both Catherine and Vincent are saints! Why… are we forgetting that the saints who came before us did not hesitate to defend God vocally, and had the humility to admit their error?

I very much believe that many of the elect will find themselves facing a terrible reality When Elijah and Henoch return, because these mighty Prophets will have NO problem saying what the highest prelates in the Church have been too cowardly to say, and that is this: that an antipope and the false prophet/ forerunner to the antichrist from the Book of the Apocalypse is playing pope, and that terrible reality will show the elect that if you are not on the side of the Two Witnesses, you will be schisming from Holy Mother Church and the true rock of Peter. Apocalypse XI and XII says that when the death of the pope occurs, before the next VALID election, Elijah and Henoch will GUIDE the Church (most likely until Peter the Roman is elected).

GOD IS SUCH A FATHER THAT HE NEVER LEAVES US ORPHAN. HE IS SENDING FATHERS! Also remember this, if Benedict dies and the See is vacant, before Peter Celestine became pope the See was vacant for 27 months. Never forget Our Lord’s Petrine Promise. If the See is vacant, people will say we are Sedevacantists. While, yes that would sadly be the case, we are not desiring to be so, nor are we the ones who believe the See has been vacant since 1958… if the See is ACTUALLY vacant it is because it will be the “ontological reality” as Barnhardt always says.

If the See is vacant, Our Lord will not allow it to be so for very long. Why? Because His Petrine Promise. And Peter the Roman will be great. No pope has bore the name Peter since Peter and so, he will be the one chosen who is worthy to fill such shoes. In the mean time the Church will be purged, but fear not, Our Lord is allowing this for the glory of His victory, a victory that He has entrusted entirely to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.