A Jane Austen Heroine Resembles Our Lady

Anne Elliot is by far my favorite Jane Austen heroine; she is also highly underrated, and, utterly misunderstood (like most virtuous females today). Persuasion was Jane Austen’s last written novel and was published five months or so after her death. Everyone has a favorite recreational read- The Lord of the Rings, Narnia etc., but ours is anything Jane Austen and in particular her last published work of Persuasion. The first time I read it, I read it three more times in a row, because it was just too short!

I have been debating with whether or not I should write a recreational essay review on this novel, but for now I wanted to start with a simple podcast, because Anne Elliot is the TRUE definition of a heroine and the more I studied the workings of her mind, the more I could not help but see the virtue of the Blessed Virgin showing me, through Anne, what female excellence really looks like. If you’re a man reading this, do not click out of this post, because I believe there is something in this for you, too… stay with me and press “play” and hopefully you will not be disappointed with what you hear!


One of my FAVORITE parts about period pieces are the STUNNING classical music used. I recommend these songs from BBC’s Emma and Persuasion; I also suggest to first time readers of this particular novel, the audible version narrated by Greta Scacchi because she does such a great job bringing the story to life. Or, you know, you can do the old-fashioned way of picking up the book and turning the pages…

The Prince’s Wedding:

“Her heart is His, what’s done is done

more dear to Him than the dawn of the rising sun.

His Heart is hers, what’s done is done

more dear to her than the dawn of the rising sun.

His bride was lost, but now is found

to Him, her heart is the crown.

Bride and Prince no longer two, they are One.”