Father Kramer, The Passion of the Church and the Metamorphosis of the Butterfly

Do you know what Padre Pio ACTUALLY said about Vatican II?

He was a model of respect and submission towards his religious and ecclesiastical superiors, especially during the time when he was persecuted. Nonetheless, he could not remain silent over a deviation that was baneful to the Church. Even before the end of the Council, in February 1965, someone announced to him that soon he would have to celebrate the Mass according to a new ritead experimentum, in the vernacular, which had been devised by a conciliar liturgical commission in order to respond to the aspirations of modern man. Immediately, even before seeing the text, he wrote to Paul VI to ask him to be dispensed from the liturgical experiment, and to be able to continue to celebrate the Mass of St. Pius V. When Cardinal Bacci came to see him in order to bring the authorization, Padre Pio let a complaint escape in the presence of the pope’s messenger:

For pity sake, end the Council quickly. [1]”

Blessed Feast to the heroic and beloved Padre Pio who had no issue turning his back on the New Mass and Vatican II; not to mention how he knew the Third Secret a few years before it was revealed to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia, ORA PRO NOBIS, YOU BELOVED SAINT!

Passion of the Church and Metamorphosis of the Butterfly:

But the foolish things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the wise; and the weak things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the strong. (1 Corinthians 1:27)

“At that time Jesus answered and said: I confess to thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to the little ones.” (Matthew 11:25)

In the Book of Acts we read how Peter and John were brought before the High Priests and look what they thought of these beloved apostles:

“Now seeing the constancy of Peter and of John, understanding that they were illiterate and ignorant men, they wondered.”

With all this being laid before your feet, why do faithful Catholics still have the gumption to say, “but you have no position of authority in the Church to know who the real pope is” or “but you have no degree in this field of expertise”? These statements are smothered in pride. True pride. I find it rather fascinating how, in that last article I published on the Passion of the Church, it would not be the people pulling away from the bride of Christ, but rather the bride of Christ pulling away from the people, because they no longer endure sound doctrine (even when they are faithful and mean well, they are still blind and full of compromise knowingly or unknowingly).

That blew my mind. But it makes sense when you think about it. Our Lady of Akita warned that the Church would be full of those that would accept compromise and the result of this are how the current “High Priests” of our time do not have the “constancy” that was found with Peter and John, nor an ardent love for God strong enough to come forward and resist Satan’s agenda within the bosom of Holy Mother Church. Remember, schism is NOT on the side of the majority, but on the side of truth, and Truth, is an Infinite Being. So technically for embracing the truth, even if there are only five people to be found on the planet who embrace it, they are still technically on the side of the Majority (God WHO IS TRUTH), because they are on the side of “The One Who Is”. Sign me up!

What Ann Barnhardt says about truth is remarkable:

But what happens when the truth is actually ugly? Does it lose the beauty intrinsic to truth? Should ugly truths be suppressed? Should painful truths be hidden, or even denied?


Goodness gracious this is so important. Please pay good attention to this.

When the truth is ugly, it must STILL be declared. Boldly. Loudly. Persistently. Failure to declare ugly truths is itself an act of dishonesty, a bearing of false witness, and it makes impossible any attempt to push through the superficial ugliness and get to the pure, holy beauty beyond.

If you refuse to declare ugly truths, then progress (in the good sense of the word) is halted. Everything stops and the only direction that has any freedom for movement is BACKWARD, away from truth, and thus away from God Himself. That is why the standard of schism is unity with the Pope (Christ’s Vicar), NOT unity with the majority.

Do you think it is very likely that Our Lord will allow His bride to be left fatherless (the pope), without a Bridegroom (Christ the King) or without a protector (Saints Joseph and Michael, the 12 apostles)? The Petrine Promise can be seen as the wedding ring between Our Lord and His bride (the Church). Within that ring (the rock of the ring- Peter) the vow resounds thus, “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This is an absolute solemn vow Our Lord made to His precious bride. God does not change His mind and that is a true comfort. He is not flighty like us, nor does He place conditions on His promises. The vow of course did not say, “the gates of hell will not try to prevail”… oh… hell and all its hoards will indeed try to destroy her, but they will not succeed. That is why we hear that famous conversation between Christ and Satan of, “give me one hundred years and I will destroy the Church”.

Our Lord accepts this “bet”, if you will, because not only will His solemn vow be kept to His bride, but the outcome of good conquering evil will be so glorious that the souls who previously did not attend the marriage supper of the Lamb (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) will put on the proper garments, turn away from sin and embrace the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We know Our Lord did not say He shed His blood for “all”, but He indeed said, “for many” and many, is still exactly that: MANY! Christ our King is so good that before the day of the official marriage between He and His bride (taken from the Book of the Apocalypse) takes place, He desires that those already invited be purified of all hypocrisy, effeminacy and fear of men if they are to keep their reserved kneeler.

The “one-hundred-year mark” is very popular with Our Lord and if this “bet” is tied in with the consecration of Russia and Our Lady officially asked for this in 1929, is not it safe to say we have until 2029 to prepare for this marriage? Oh, it is going to happen no matter what, but will you be there? The bride, who shares in the divine nature of Our Lord is full of love, mercy and compassion but like her Bridegroom and that Bridegroom’s glorious Queen, the Blessed Virgin, she cannot taste the bitterness of sin and hypocrisy from those who accept the invite but fail to accept her in all the splendor Our Lord and Our Lady clothed her in. By the time the New Jerusalem comes (the Church) she will have shed her old garments for good and so, in order for those garments to shine like the sun, no stain is allowed.

The Passion of the bride (her death) followed by her resurrection (into the New Jerusalem) will be likened to metamorphosis of a butterfly. This hit me hard when I was helping a friend the other day, who just battled breast cancer, build a website and she told me how she wanted her theme to be the butterfly. When she described to me the process of “death” for the caterpillar and “life” for the butterfly being likened to the process of battling cancer, it was beyond powerful. Did you know the body is attacked by the same sorts of chemicals or juices the caterpillar used previously to digest its food? The entire caterpillar doesn’t die, though. Some of its old body tissue survives and is passed on to its next incarnation, the butterfly. A caterpillar is born and dies; a butterfly is resurrected from its juices.

In order to be able to become a butterfly, the caterpillar has to fall apart completely, decompose down to its very essence, devoid of any shape or consciousness. It dies. There is nothing left of it. And from this liquid essence, the butterfly starts to put itself together, from scratch. In a very real sense, this is why when Benedict was asked if he was the end of the old or the beginning of the new, he replied, BOTH, “the one and the other”. CHILLS! The New Jerusalem will be the Catholic Church resurrected, but it will be EVEN MORE GLORIOUS than before. Have you ever read Chronicles of Narnia? It is likened to the very last Book The Last Battle where The Old Narnia is passing away and the New Narnia resembled the old… but it’s better, MUCH better. The beauty is just enhanced!

THIS… is one of the most profound explanations and comparisons of the Passion of the Church. In a way it ties in with our final section of “Rome’s” Final Pope? Benedict XVI with who Peter the Roman is, as well.

Father Paul Kramer:

To end this post, I wanted to share a video a friend told me about featuring Father Paul Kramer from 2015, and an interview with him. I am not sure if Father Gruner had already passed by that point, but Kramer, who was known as a “second Fatima priest”, often found side by side Gruner, even back in 2015, said Benedict is the only Pope and he cited Canon 188 with “oh, he was so coerced”. He even named the very cardinal who gave Pope Benedict the ultimatum. Stop defending Jorge Bergoglio (head of the caterpillar anti-church and start defending Pope Benedict XVI (the head of the destined Butterfly true Church). Poor Father Kramer in the interview was battling a cold and he was figuratively coughing up a lung and still proceeded to expose Satan’s lies and reveal Christ’s truths!

Interesting key video notes:

1.) Kramer cited a prophecy I had never heard of with how the pope killed in the Third Secret, will leave the See Vacant for 25 months or more. We will be SEDEVANCANTISTS AHHH, not by choice. But remember, after Peter Celestine the See was supposedly vacant for 27 months. However, Dr Edmund Mazza’s words of Pope Innocent’s famous drawing depicting how the Pope does not cease being the bridegroom of the Church until death, is powerful. That is why he found it interesting that if indeed Popes CANNOT retire, that is why even though after Peter Celestine resigned, the See was “vacant” for 27 months, but a new Pope was only elected TWO months after Celestine’s death at the 25th month. If the See is ever vacant, just remember that the whole point of the Petrine Promise is that Our Lord will not allow it to be so for very long, because the bride cannot exist without Peter, her foundation stone found in her wedding ring!

2.) Kramer said Pope Benedict is the oldest reigning pope, because out of God’s mercy, He will not allow an anti-pope to rule very long while the true pope is dead. Thank God Benedict is still alive at this point!

3.) Kramer talked about how even John Paul II kept re-translating the Third Secret (hidden words of Our Lady?) to have Our Lady not sound “so harsh” so to speak, because apparently, She spoke of multiple popes and some of them were referred as “serpents” and “chameleons” (you all wonder why I have my own personal problems with John Paul II).

4.) Kramer cited the Council of Constance with how EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE POPE is bound to the Roman Rite and that is why it is wrong to attend the New Mass.


[1] https://sspx.org/en/padre-pio-vatican-ii-new-mass

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