Show us Still Your Twelve- Starred Crown

The very day I left Carmel, because I was stepping out into the unknown, I sang these below lyrics to myself in the barn where the nuns milked the cows, and I cannot describe to you the comfort I felt in letting the words settle in my heart before taking off. As I reflect on them today, they seem to echoe again but with a more urgent cry, the very prayer that should resound in our hearts for the days ahead (for “only She (Mary) can help you.”)

Lyrics: Help of Christians, guard this land from assault or inward stain; let it be what Christ has planned- His new Eden where You reign.

Teach us that in Christ Your Son lies the wisdom to be free, for the Cross which we would shun is man’s tree of liberty.

Should the powers of hell arise and our peace be trampled down; in that night of blood and lies show us still Your twelve-starred crown.

Take from us the coward heart, fleeting will, divided mind; give us sight to play our part though the world around is blind.

Image of the risen life shining in eternity, glimmer through our earthly strife draw us to Your victory.